While it is late spring here on the west coast, I opted to showcase a beautiful fall colour combination this month.

Most of you already know that fall is my favourite time of year. I’ve talked about this many times in my blog posts. The fall colour combination we’ll highlight today is Colour #48. It is a blend of olive green, burgundy and golden brown. It reminds me of maple leaves once they’ve fallen to the ground. Any of you who live back east will be familiar with these! On the west coast, we see more yellow in our maple leaves, or at least around here!

Let’s talk a bit more about Colour #48.

What Works With This Fall Colour Combination

This will be a great colour combination for the base of any fall themed needlework project. You could combine various values of golden brown and perhaps some golden yellow. What about trying burgundy and light and dark olive green?

All month, we will share several samples stitched with different palettes using Colour #48. I think you will be surprised at some of our colour choices. While we’ve used some obvious choices, such as the yellow and green blends, we have chosen other palettes, including blue and coral!

Join me for samples this month. You may be inspired to start a new project! Remember, just because this is a fall colour combination doesn’t mean you only need to combine it with fall colours! Perhaps we will inspire a new palette.

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