A selection of NEEDLEPOINT STITCH SAMPLES today.  As most of you are aware I have developed an interest in canvas work over the last several years.  As I have worked on various projects I found an increasing interest in design but felt I needed to expand my knowledge.  SO, late last fall I enrolled in the Basic Canvas correspondence course offered through the Embroidery Association of Canada.  There are actually three courses offered – Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.

There are a total of 6 lessons in the Basic course.  Lesson 1 focuses on the straight stitch family.   There were LOTS of samples to stitch so thought it would be a good opportunity to highlight some of my colour combinations that I did not have stitched samples for.  This is a selection of some of my samples.  All the colours I used are labelled and can be found in the shop.  Stitches included Brick, Double Brick, Hungarian, Parisian to name a few.  Lots of fun experimenting but WOW, did they ever take time to do!!

Sadly I found this project more time consuming than I had originally anticipated and simply could not alot the time required to complete it.  So, I withdrew for now but I would not be surprised I’ll pursue it again in the future. I will however have a lovely selection of needlepoint stitch samples for future reference!

You can find all the colour combinations in the shop.

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