Earlier this week I introduced our feature colour and today I’d like to share a colour scheme using Colour #23. We used a softer pastel colour palette in this sample.

Our needlepoint sample is a mixture of bolder (bright yellow) and more subtle (coral) with blue accents. It is also an example of combining various patterns to create an overall design.

How We created this pastel colour palette

We wanted to celebrate the Easter season with this palette and chose size 5 Perle throughout the sampler in colours.

While most of the chosen colours are softer or more subtle blends, colour 67 is a bright and bold blend of yellows in the upper left. Colour 84 is a blend of golden yellow, berry red and burgundy and is darker than the other colours. It is used as an accent in the upper left and lower right.

What Stitches Did We Use

No pattern is available for this sample, as Dominique made it up as she stitched it. The center is an Amadeus stitch combined with cashmere in the upper right and Milanese in the bottom left. Scotch variations in the upper left are repeated in the lower right, and a partial eyelet stitch in silver as an accent.

The sample measures about two ¾ inches square on 18 count mono canvas. Most of our stitched samples are used as card inserts for our guild members, but this could be finished as a small ornament.

Pick up a skein of colour 23 and start experimenting. You will likely find many choices to create a beautiful palette for your next project. 

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