This month, we’re illustrating how to use lace in crazy quilting. Last month we talked a bit about using crocheted doilies in your projects – using lace is a great way to combine the two techniques, creating a wonderfully unique design.

I feel laces add to the foundation of a block. There are a wide variety of laces available in retail shops but once again, I find thrift stores are an excellent place to pick up bits. I often find a small bag of laces at discounted prices, so it’s worth looking at.

How to use lace in your next crazy quilting project

When I initially sew my blocks, I sometimes sew laces into the seam itself depending on the width of the lace and other times; I will add it once the block is sewn. In the block above, you will see a section of nylon lace. I rarely use nylon laces as I prefer cotton or rayon as both dye beautifully. BUT, every once in a while, I feel a nylon lace simply works. This lace is a strip I found on an old slip, so I cut part of it off and added it. I overlaid it with a decorative trim available online or in various retail shops. Just a hint that sometimes adding trim widens your seam treatment! I wove the lace with metallic yarn and embellished it with straight stitches and detached chains. Finally, to complete, I added some silk ribbon cheater roses.

The printed fabric is plain silk that I experimented with stamping on. Yes, stamping as in scrapbooking! I wanted to see how it turned out, and this provided an opportunity to add it to the block.

Since this is another block in my fall crazy quilt project, you will see the ribbon rose motif I completed in the class in the lower section. A different rose, along with various leaves. I added a few beads here and there to complete the motif.

Hopefully, I’ve encouraged you to experiment with some lace.

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