In celebration of the day, why not talk about Valentine Hearts.  In specific embroidery thread  colours to stitch some hearts!


Did you know, red is associated with strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire and love.  It is an emotionally intense colour.  I love red. 


If you have been reading my blog for some time then you know I am not particularly fond of the colour pink.  I will admit it can really enhance a project if placed next to the appropriate colour.  BUT, I am simply not a pink person.  So, what does pink mean.  It is a delicate colour, romantic, feminine.  Personally I always think of bubble gum.

Anyway, red and pink together represent love.  So to celebrate the day and colours of the day, I have selected a few options in the shop.

Colour #187 is a gorgeous blend of bold vibrant reds – orange/red and pink/red.  I use this colour a lot for Christmas themed projects but it works very well in fall themes as well.  Colour #41 is a blend of pinks.  As you can see from the photo, they look very good together.  I added some ric rac I have in the shop.  All would make a great palette of colour for your next embroidery heart.  Or, perhaps you want to think of another theme. 

Happy Valentine’s whatever you are up to today!  Maybe, you are inspired to do some red and pink valentine hearts 😊

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