Dotti is the second gnome in our Welcome Gnome series and was created using a blue and orange colour palette!

When Marilyn and I started discussing a project, it began with an extension of the mittens for my Twelve Months Of Mittens and morphed somehow into gnomes (along with a cheeky name to go along with the series)!

If you have any experience designing, you will know how this happens — I had initially started designing some mittens myself with some drawings of ideas on paper inspired by Susan’s mittens last year. One had dots, SO Dotti was the result!

Marilyn and I corresponded a lot during the design process, as you can no doubt imagine. One day, she sent along an email saying she came across an article about Gonks! So, what is a gonk?

Gonks stem from Nordic and Scandinavian mythology. They are meant to be a mix of a gnome and a hobgoblin. In folklore, these creatures took a liking to barns or houses in the colder season.

Having read this, I couldn’t see naming the series Welcome Gonks, it simply doesn’t have a good rhythm.

Welcome Gnome is a series of six gnomes. A new gnome will be introduced in each edition of Needle Pointers in 2023. Needle Pointers is the American Needlepoint Guild publication. You must be a member of ANG to receive the magazine.

We introduced Florentina in the January/February issue. Dotti can be found in the March/April issue.

All six gnomes are counted canvas designs, and a different custom thread kit is provided for each gnome. They are all very colourful!

Our custom thread kit for Dotti

  • Colours 28, 66, 75, 175
  • all skeins are size 5 Perle cotton
  • each skein measures 20 meters/21.87 yards

More about our gnomes:

  • each gnome measures approximately 4 x 2 ½ inches on 18 count mono canvas
  • all the gnomes are the same shape BUT are different, one-of-a-kind, exclusive designs
  • colours are different for each gnome
  • each design offers a variety of stitches

Kit contents are generous and, while they may not contain sufficient threads to stitch a second gnome, there should be enough extra to stitch part of a second one!

All six would make a great addition to a children’s room OR what about added to your Christmas garland.

They will be a fun addition to your needlework projects. Please join us for our Welcome Gnome series. The thread kit for Dotti is available in the shop. Florentina from January is also available! Click the button below.

We hope you enjoy Dotti! Thank you Marilyn!

Enjoy the Easter weekend. I’ll be back to regular posting next week.

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