seasonal colour palette needlepoint

Since Christmas is fast approaching, why not work with a fun, seasonal colour palette?! Our feature colours this month are green and red — a classic!

Yes, they are traditional seasonal colours and you may have another preference (we also like winter-themed colours like light blues and even metallics). This year, we stayed with the tried, tested and true combination of green and red to celebrate the upcoming holiday season.

Colours that fall into this seasonal colour palette

We offer several greens in our Colour Complements collection but I have chosen Colour #18 to highlight here. This colour is a blend of variations of green and yellow/green. The yellows are quite subtle, especially when you mix them in with the bold green tones.

It is our best seller!

I like this particular blend of greens because it showcases many of the colours you may see in our west coast forests. We’ve combined it with another very popular choice, Colour #187 which is of course a blend of reds and orange/reds.

It is BOLD!

These two colours look gorgeous when combined in a seasonal needlework project BUT they look equally beautiful if used as the base for a colour palette of your choice.

Throughout the month of December, we will be celebrating this seasonal colour palette of green and red in a variety of needlework projects. Make sure you follow our blog since we may inspire you with a project for seasonal gift giving next year! 

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