Another lovely butterfly today in Kathleen’s new WOOL APPLIQUE project. The project is Butterfly Sampler by Sue Spargo.  As I mentioned previously, the background is a soft green wool and the entire sampler measures 16×22.

The butterfly body is embellished with an open fly (I think!).  The wings are a lovely shade of lavender.  The upper wings are bordered with chain stitch, layered with a printed cotton and darker purple wool.  The fly stitch is repeated here for embellishment. 

The lower wings are bordered with fly stitches and embellished with bullions. 

You will note that Kathleen’s colour scheme for this butterfly is complementary using purple as the background and embellishing with yellows.

If you are not familiar with any of these stitches, you can find video tutorials on Mary Corbet’s NeedleNThread. You can find a variety of colour combinations suitable for this project in the SHOP.

I will be taking a very short blog break returning to posting on Wednesday January 23rd.

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