SUE SPARGO CHICKS, Colour Complements threads

SUE SPARGO CHICKS wool applique quilt stitched by Uschi continues today.  Remember, you can find all the posts pertaining to this project under wool applique in the right sidebar.  I am so enjoying the photos of this project – there is such variety.

The chick on the left has a lovely velvet wing tacked down using cross stitches randomly placed.  It is embellished using a tubular ribbon circle (gathered).  The border is a chain stitch using rayon thread.  The body is accented with French knots using a rayon cord.

The blue chick has various Palestrina stitch rows on both the body and wing.  The wing is bordered with a beaded coral stitch.

The green chick body is accented with woven wheels using perle cotton, fly stitch with French knots and bordered with a beaded coral stitch.

I had a comment about the feet previously – all the feet are stitched using bullion stitches – delightful!

Thanks for sharing this Uschi 🙂

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