Many of the wool applique circles in our circle sampler project featured on the blog have taken on a traditional feel and design. This post features a more whimsical and modern design that reminds me of a blooming dandelion. It’s contemporary, fun, and reminiscent of what you’d see in a Dr Seuss book (does the Lorax ring a bell?).

I love this design because it uses precise stitching to create an eye-catching and seemingly complex design. Beginner stitchers would love this particular circle!

Kathleen created our wool applique circle sampler. She designed all the circles and each is unique. It was inspired by Sue Spargo’s Toned Down Circle Sampler introduced last March. You can find all the blog posts shared to date under categories – wool applique – circle sampler

Here’s How to stitch this Modern Dandelion Applique

The design starts with an inner pale pink wool circle that measures about 2 inches in diameter. There’s another wool circle in the centre of the design. This is a pale blue circle that measures 1.25 inches. I think the colour choice is relatively modern and pairs nicely together!

Long straight lines were stitched using Colour #162 in size 5 Perle cotton and couched with size 8 Colour #162. Additional texture were added with a combination of French and Bullion knots. Both of these stitches were created using an off-white thread in size 8 Perle cotton.

One of the best things about this applique is the simplicity.  Sometimes a little can go a long way. Make sure you check out the other circles in our circle sampler! Hope you enjoyed our modern dandelion applique today! Thank you Kathleen!

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