Our video today highlights one of the colours from our fall 2022 collection – Colour #165. Bold, dark and vibrant are just some of the words I would use to describe it!

I originally introduced this colour combination many years ago and despite discontinuing it at that time, I’ decided to re-introduce it last year.

It is a gorgeous blend of dark blue, red, yellow and rust. There are hints of green where the yellow and blue blend if you look closely!  I personally love how vibrant these colours appear. Colour #165 from our Fall Collection has all of the ideal colour combinations to celebrate the fall season. Reminds me of the colours seen in falling maple leaves.

This is a great combination of colours to create a wide variety of palettes. You may choose to add yellows or golden yellows such as Colour #37 or perhaps #77. Or you might like to choose various values of reds. Colour #187 is a great start. Or perhaps more blues such as Colour #28. Your options are endless and I have no doubt will look beautiful no matter which colours you choose.

Our Newest Fall Collection Addition In Action

In the video, I am stitching a double cross stitch on 18-count mono canvas using a size 5 Perle cotton.

I like to show my colour combinations stitched in a sample to give you a “visual” of the colour blend.

For reference, you will find the stitch in the Stitches Book Volume One by Ruth Schmuff and Kathy Holicky. These books are ones that I like to use for my stitch samples as the diagrams are very easy to follow.

I hope you enjoy the video and please visit the shop to enjoy more of our colour variations for your next needlework project.

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