This month we are featuring Colour 72 which is a blend of coral and coral pinks.  I opted to include this baby pink wool applique circle since it showcases the addition of a pale orange.  Coral tends to be a blend of both pink and orange.

This particular circle utilizes simple stitching techniques while minimizing the embellishing.  The colours chosen gives it the right amount of pop – it’s bright and colourful and needs no additional “fancy” details to make it pop.

Appliques like this are great for beginner stitchers who want to try their hand at similar projects. Wool applique may come across as intimidating because there’s this assumption that it has to be filled with endless intricate details, but this is a beautiful example of “less is more!”

How was this baby pink wool applique was created

This circle started with a 2-inch pink wool circle bordered using a backstitch technique. I personally love using backstitch to give projects a more minimalist look. It blends well with the wool material, giving it a “barely there” effect. The colour used for the backstitch is Colour #41 in size 5 Perle cotto which has been discontinued. Colour 72 could be substituted which is a blend of coral pinks.

Now for the details…

A row of “petals” were created using a combination of small straight stitch techniques and colonial knots. We used Colour #182 which is no longer available but try substituting Colour 78 or 79.  These were alternated with woven bars using pink size 5 Perle cotton. I think the colour selection fits perfectly and gives a stunning effect, all without having to switch threads!

The centre is a simple pale coral circle that measures about 0.75 inches. Don’t let your eyes fool you, Kathleen chose not to add any additional stitching and left it as is!

If you’re new to the world of stitching and feel a bit overwhelmed with needlework, I hope this post gives you a bit of reassurance (and inspiration) to keep it simple and perhaps give some wool applique a try!

Throughout the last year we have been showcasing a custom circle sampler designed and stitched by my friend, Kathleen.  While many of these circles featuring intricate designs and use different stitching techniques, many are also simplistically stitched.  This baby pink wool applique is a perfect example!

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