VERY VELVET PETITE, hand dyed embroidery threadsLast month I introduce my new VERY VELVET PETITE.  This proved very popular (thank you) and I almost sold out so I dyed up some more colours over the last several weeks and have added these to my shop.

In case you missed this I am repeating myself here.  Very Velvet Petite is a nylon velour thread which creates the appearance of velvet when stitched.  It is comparable to a size 5 perle cotton in width.  It is strong and holds up well when stitching maintaining its shape and thickness. It works well on needlepoint canvas (13-18 count) and cross stitch (9-10 count) and creates lovely architectural elements on painted canvases.

Some hints – use a large needle and a short length when stitching.  If you happen to find any kinks in the thread, run your fingernail over the length to plump it up.  Another option is to add a few drops of water on your fingers and run it along the length – just remember to ensure your thread is dry PRIOR to stitching. 🙂

It is perfect for embroidery, crazy quilting, applique, sashiko, couching and wool applique too!  AND you can create lovely embroidered bugs, especially BEES!

Please note that my hand dyed very velvet petite is randomly dyed at this time – I hope to have more accuracy in the future but as it is nylon I am experimenting with new dyes (new to me).  Ensure you purchase what you require for your project.

You can find my current selection of  colours here – COLOUR COMPLEMENTS HAND DYED VERY VELVET PETITE!  Have a great weekend!

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