Colour Complements Samplers

I have three new COLOUR COMPLEMENTS SAMPLERS in the shop. 

Whenever I introduce my new collections, I always dye up several embroidery samplers.  I often experiment with colour combinations in these and no two are alike.  Sampler #3 is a blend of various values of orange and a golden brown.   Sampler #5 is an unusual blend of tan, greens and aqua.  Sampler #6 is a fall blend of purple, golden brown and teal with hints of greens and blues.  It is a beauty!

I have a total of seven samplers in stock, all varying colour combinations.  There work well in any embroidery or needle arts project.  You can find them all HERE.

rayon ric rac

I also have three new colour combinations of my popular rayon ric rac.  I have also created a rayon ric rac sampler pack of all thirteen colours.  You can find all HERE.  Check out some ric rac ideas on Pinterest.

I posted about the other colours I have in stock HERE.

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