Introducing our new floss samplers!

Have you tried our hand-dyed cotton floss yet?  If not, now would be a great time to pick up one of our floss samplers.  An excellent opportunity to experiment with cotton embroidery floss.  I know many of you cross-stitch and since I introduced the 6 strand floss, it has become very popular. 

More About Our Floss Samplers

We have two floss samplers available at this time, one is a selection of warm colours and one a selection of cool colours.  Each sampler consists of five colour combinations available in the shop.  I’ve chosen colours with less dramatic colour variations and some are monochromatic blends meaning various values of the same colour.  These will be particularly appealing to those of you who cross-stitch.

Cotton Embroidery Floss

Most of you will be familiar with cotton floss but if you are not, cotton embroidery floss consists of 6 strands or plies which can be separated.  It is a strong, smooth mercerized cotton.  The number of strands used depends on the type of needlework and the type of stitch.  For those of you who cross stitch you would generally use either one or two strands so a 10 meter skein goes a long way.  Our floss samplers are 5 meter skeins which allow you to experiment.  You will find that you may be able to complete a very small project with 5 meters. 

Since I don’t cross stitch myself, I use cotton embroidery floss for my needlepoint or canvas work.  This requires stripping or pulling the strands apart then placing them back together and stitching with a laying tool.  This gives a beautiful smooth appearance.  Four strands of floss are most commonly used when stitching on 18 count canvas.

If our floss samplers prove popular then I’ll be creating more so don’t hesitate to let me know your preferences.

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