This fall-inspired bargello pattern was sparked by the beautiful sunsets that we experience here on the west coast! While this part of the world gets its fair share of rain, the rare day we are blessed with sunshine also means that the horizon puts on an AMAZING show of colours the moment the sun sets. This is especially true during the brisk upcoming fall months.

Naturally, we had to pick a beautiful orange hue for this particular project. Colour #36 was the perfect blend of orange and golden orange!

A Look At How We Created This Fall Inspired Bargello Pattern

The sample measures a little under 3 inches and is stitched using size 5 Perle cotton in the following colours:

The pattern is called Lollipops and can be found in the Bargello Stitch book by Laura and Lynsey Angell. Make sure you check out this book as it is a great addition to your personal library!

If you have just joined this series make sure you check out our other bargello samples. Look in categories – needlepoint – bargello.

We started the series in January featuring one Bargello sample each month. Our hope is that these inspire you to either stitch some bargello yourself OR perhaps provide you with colour palette ideas for your next needlework project.

Are You New to Bargello?

If you are new to stitching and are just getting acquainted with bargello, it is a type of needlepoint consisting of upright flat stitches laid in a mathematical pattern to create motifs. While flat stitches are basic and easy, the technique does require concentration when counting.

Make sure you join us for another sample next month!

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