So, how do I organize my craft room?

This month I am starting a series of blog posts about how I organize my craft room.

Ever since I can remember I’ve had a hobby of some sort.  My Mom taught me crochet when I was in my teens which held my interested for several years on and off. 

Once I graduated, continuing education and career development consumed most of my time.  As time progressed, I became interested in traditional quilting taking a few courses.  But, I found it didn’t hold my interest for long.

When visiting Leavenworth years ago, we visited a store where the owner was painting.  I watched her for some time which progressed into a lengthy conversation.  This is where my interest in tole painting began and must admit lasted for about fifteen years.

Naturally, as my interest grew, so did my supplies. 

The challenge – where and how to organize those supplies?

I must admit, I have always been an “organized” person. I like things to have a place.  It drives me crazy having to spend time trying to find something when I would rather be creating. 

When I was painting, we lived in a very small home.  I customized a closet in the kitchen eating area to accommodate ALL my supplies.  I’d paint on the breakfast table then need to clean up before dinner every night.  Needless to say it was tedious. 

As my needs grew my husband closed in a narrow deck space at the back of the house.  He even added a small sink which was fabulous.  One side was my office space and the other my painting studio.

When we moved again, what worked in the previous space didn’t work in the new space.  AND, what worked in that space didn’t work in my current space. 

Why am I sharing all this?

Organizing supplies.  It is a constantly evolving project! 

With the advent of social media, there are now a wealth of resources available.  Facebook groups, Pinterest and Instagram.  I am constantly seeing new ideas popping up.

This month I will be sharing some of my ideas.  These are storage solutions that work for me.  They may not work for you BUT

hopefully they will give you ideas.  Perhaps they will inspire you.  I’ll warn you, my ideas take some time to set up but

My goal is to save YOU time in the future. Time for you to do what you enjoy the most.

Join me on my blog Friday for my first post about button storage.

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