STARRY NIGHTS, thread embellishment kit, custom dyedI am VERY excited to share my most recent project, Starry Nights by Laura Perin.  There is a bit of a story here so….

Several months ago I received an email from Gail who inquired about a photo of Laura Perin’s Starry Nights pattern on Needlepoint Nation using a very different colour palette she thought I had stitched. Interestingly I immediately knew the version she very flatteringly thought “moi” had stitched but alas I could not take credit (although I wanted to :)).  The very talented Jan from Thread Medley had stitched it and kindly sent us the palette she had used.  After seeing Jan’s palette I knew I wanted to create my own “custom” palette.  About the same time all this correspondence was going on I was in the middle of dyeing my autumn themed colours, one of which I absolutely loved, colour #188.  Colour #188 was my inspiration so I started experimenting with coordinating colours.  This proved to be far more challenging than I ever anticipated and way more time consuming.  Believe me parts of this pattern have been stitched (and ripped out) numerous times as I adjusted colours.  Laura describes this as a colour study and WOW IS IT!!  So here is my custom palette

STARRY NIGHTS CUSTOM THREAD KITI did end up adjusting values with this palette from my sample stitched above but only slightly.  In some cases I felt they either needed to be lighter or darker than what I had used to provide more contrast.

I had so much fun creating this.  Remember, I am selling the thread embellishment kit ONLY – you will need to purchase Laura’s “Starry Nights” pattern either from your local needlework shop or from Laura directly here.  Thank you Laura for designing such a beautiful pattern.  You can find the thread embellishment kit in my shop SOLD OUT – THANK YOU but remember there are a limited number available so shop early to avoid disappointment. Hope I’ve inspired you to do your own Starry Nights.

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