Since we are in the middle of summer here on the west coast, I decided to feature a very bright colour combination this month, Colour #137!

It’s a bold colour, incorporating shades you may not necessarily see in your classic colour palette – think bubble gum blue, lime green and bright magenta. These are complimentary colours that appear opposite each other in the colour wheel, but they create this fun shade that can be used for various projects.

Interestingly the inspiration for this colour combination came from a Christmas display I had seen in one of our larger department stores several years ago. I always find inspiration for colour combinations in seasonal retail collections.

A Closer Look at this Bright Colour Combination

Colour #137 is a bright blend of fuchsia, green and blue with hints of purple where the fuchsia and blue blend. It is BOLD!

As with all my variegated colours, this lends itself to various palettes. Remember to choose your palette, focusing on the colours within the variegated blend. So, green, blue and fuchsia and the multiple values of each of these colours, will be your starting point. Once you have your solids, focus on some textures, for example, Neon Rays, Sparkle Rays and Kreinik Braid. I always include at least one metallic, if not more, in each palette. I don’t necessarily use it, but I have it just in case.

Coming up later this week is our first stitched sample focusing on Colour #137. Expect to see several samples using our feature colour coming up this month!

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