Today, we are featuring a wool applique circle that is bright, bold and beautiful! Here’s a look at this colourful and bright Fuchsia wool applique!

This design doesn’t hold back when it comes to colour. You may have noticed that complementary colour palettes are often utilized as in previous wool applique circle sampler posts. While incorporating cool and warm shades together a beautifully balanced design can result.  There’s no reason to stick within colour parameters. This applique circle is a good example of what can be achieved when you simply go ALL OUT, with bright and fun colours!

Here’s how this bright Fuchsia wool applique was stitched

It starts with the beautiful bright pink wool circle that draws the eyes in.  This bright Fuchsia wool circle measures 2-inches in diameter. Kathleen wanted to incorporate lots of bold elements, so the stitching also reflected this.

Because the wool material was a simple circle, it also gave more opportunities to play around with the stitching. The border was created using a tete de boeuf stitch using Colour #182 in size 5 Perle cotton.

This bold and bright design element continues as you work your way inside. The centre yellow 1-inch circle is bordered using bright Bullion knots in Colour #182 size 5 Perle cotton. Colour 182 has since been discontinued but Colour #3 would be a great substitute.  The blend of different pastel colours makes this the perfect colour selection (you can see just a hint of blue, which breaks up the warmth that the pinks and yellows create).

We  wanted to highlight the pink in the centre of the design, some colonial knots were added, which were stitched using Colour #41 in a Size 5 Perle cotton. This colour was almost identical to the pink wool circle. What were the chances?!

Colour 41 has since been discontinued but you could easily substitute Colour #78 from my new spring collection.  Stay tuned for more circles in our wool applique circle sampler.

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