Happy Valentine’s Day! What better way to celebrate today than with a beautiful red heart needlepoint design.  Hearts are the “universal” symbol for Valentine’s Day, so we decided to have a little fun with the design, creating this beautiful, bold textured stitch sample to celebrate the occasion.

While the design may be different from your usual Valentine’s Day Heart, we decided to stick with the traditional colour of RED! If you look closely though, there are different shades of red that peek through. In some areas of this design, you can even see shades of pink and fuschia!

How We Stitched This Red Heart Needlepoint Design

Our heart is a variety of stitches using Colour #187 in a size 5 Perle cotton. 

Stitches include bargello, star stitch and lozenge stitch.  We’ve added a wee bit of red metallic and a dark solid red (DMC Colour #814).  The sample measures approximately 3 x 3 ½ inches on 18 count mono canvas.

This is another great project to use up any leftover bits of red threads.  Or, perhaps you would like to enlarge the pattern for one of the Hearts of Hospice Hearts.  

What a fun and lovely way to celebrate this day. If you’re crafty and want to take a shot at stitching this design, it’d be the perfect gift for a friend or special someone.

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