In my last post, I discussed the versatile blanket stitch so today I am featuring another variation of this stitch.  If you want to find out more about my seam treatments check under categories in the right sidebar of my blog.

You can also read more about this series in my introductory blog post.   

As I discussed previously, all seam treatments begin with a foundation stitch. I began this seam with a variation of a blanket stitch, also referred to as a buttonhole stitch. The blanket stitch is versatile as there are a variety of different ways of stitching it!  

Many of you will be familiar with a blanket stitch as it is often used to reinforce the raw edges of blankets. I opted to use a size 8 Perle cotton, Colour #72 which is a blend of variations of coral pink. 

I chose this particular colour as it is more subtle allowing additional stitching to stand out more.  Let me show you…. 

Here’s How I Achieved this Seam Treatment Using The Versatile Blanket Stitch

I know my stitching is not “perfect”!  Despite my best efforts I frequently find my spacing can be a bit off which you can see in the image above.

This isn’t ideal… So, once I completed the foundation (and versatile!) blanket stitch, I added straight stitches in varying lengths with a yellow silk lame braid to create the appearance of flowers.  I chose this colour because it repeated the yellow in the fabric to the left of the seam and the yellow cross-hatching in the embroidered fabric below.  Once the metallic was in place I added a sequin flower and bead in the centre. Finally, buttons were added between the “flowers” stitched in place with a small scrap of petite very velvet. 

You will note that I only used three buttons leaving a space on the left of the seam where the perle cotton shows.  I’ll be sharing why I did this in a future post.  AND, there will be more added to surrounding areas so the entire block will come together!

What do you need to stitch this seam treatment?

  • Book – Kathy Shaw’s Stunning Stitches for Crazy Quilts page 69 seam 38.  
  • Colour #72, size 8 Perle cotton for the blanket stitch foundation
  • Straight stitches – Rainbow Gallery Silk Lame Petite Braid OR metallic of choice
  • Flower cup sequins – various online shops
  • Buttons – Buttons Galore and More OR your stash

If you are not familiar with the blanket stitch check out Needle ‘N Thread video

I hope you give this variation of the blanket stitch a try.  Remember, you can use what YOU have in your stash. 

What’s my next seam treatment?  Stay tuned! 

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