In retrospect, it may have been a good idea to stitch February Valentine in February!  Oh well, there is a wee bit of red in this sample.

This is a small blackwork pattern designed by Laura Perin as one of her freebies.  If you haven’t visited Laura’s site and blog then you are in for a treat.  Make yourself a cup of your favourite beverage, relax and enjoy. 

Are you familiar with blackwork?

Historically, blackwork embroidery (sometimes referred to as Spanish blackwork) is a type of embroidery stitched using black thread.  As with so many of our embroidery techniques, blackwork has evolved and now incorporates various colours as is shown in this sample.  Generally patterns demonstrate a lacy geometric appearance. 

This sample measures about 3 ¾ inches on 18 count canvas.  Once again, Dominique has used all four of my new fall colours.  This particular sample demonstrates how all the colours work well together.  Combine them with various values of solids and this would make a fabulous palette for a larger design.

If you would like to stitch this design you can find it HERE

Remember all four new colours are available in three sizes of perle cotton and cotton floss.

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