We’re celebrating the Holiday season with this bold, red Temari ball, fittingly called “Hot Red Star”!

And hot, hot, HOT indeed is this bold, fun, and modern design.

Design Details of this Red Temari Ball

This is one of the last Temari balls in the series that used a black coloured background as the canvas. I think this was a clever choice, given the bright threads that were used.

This temari gives off a festive Holiday-vibe and this was intentional. This is especially true with the pattern and colour usage. This is my Christmas Temari ball, designed in a traditional palette of red and green with the addition of a bit of pink and orange!

I mentioned in a previous post that when I sent Verna the threads last year, I paired up colours for each Temari ball that was created. Verna started with Colours #31 and #187 which I had selected. I also paired additional colours like #36, and #184, which echoes a similar colour palette. I believe the colour combination for this one is an absolute winner!

The pattern is actually called Hot Pink Star designed by Barbara Seuss – given the colours used, we felt that Hot Red Star was more fitting!

We hope this bold, red Temari ball inspires you to create your own stunning designs for the holiday season. Remember, this palette of colours could easily be used in any needlework project!

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