It’s time for the Colour Complements Summer Mini Sampler!

If you have been following the three hearts in Needlepoint Now by Dragonlady Canvaswork Designs, then you will already be familiar with Susan’s designs. Susan designed this mini sampler for our monthly series!

You will see that there are actually two versions of this summer mini sampler, one is peeking out in the background. 

You will find photos of both in the PDF. 

All the colours are available in the shop excluding Colour #63 which has since been discontinued.  You could substitute Colour #71!

Where can you find these stitches to create the Summer Mini Sampler?

Diagrams for most of these stitches can be found in the Stitches books by Ruth Schmuff and Kathy Holicky.  There are five volumes of these books and they all offer great diagrams!

  1. Slanted Gobelin – Volume One
  2. Point de Tresse – diagram provided in PDF
  3. Norwich – Volume One
  4. Caswell – Volume Three
  5. Herringbone Variation – diagram provided in PDF
  6. Victoria & Albert with Slanted Gobelin – Volume Four
  7. Woven Basket – Volume Three

What colours do you need? 

One skein of size 5 Perle cotton in each of these colours

             Purple version = 50, 51, 64, 183 

             Multicoloured version = 29, 31, 60, 62, 71

That’s it!  Download the PDF below for the sampler.

I’ll be back with another sampler next month. Thank you so much Susan.

Wishing my Canadian customers Happy Canada Day and my American customers Happy July 4th. I’ll be taking a wee blog break over the weekend returning to regular posting on Monday July 5th.

The shop remains open!

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