Our third sampler features a colourful straight stitch sampler using a different palette of vibrant colours. In this particular design, there is no specific colour palette that I’ve chosen – it simply is a beautiful array of cool and warm colours perfectly blended together.

Our third sampler features quite a different palette of colours.  Once again we start with our three colours:

What makes this Colourful Straight Stitch Sampler different?

While Dominique started with our three focus colours, she has changed the palette up quite significantly by adding Colour #188 to the border. 

Colour #188 is a fall blend but I think it really frames this palette well.  She has also added Colour #72 (coral/coral pinks) along with one other combination I no longer sell – substitute Colour #67 (yellows).  She also added white and DMC colour #504. 

I think the overall appearance is very colourful, don’t you?

Remember that all the threads used are size 5 Perle cotton and these samplers are a great way to use up leftover threads from other projects. All use minimal meterage/yardage.

The Straight Stitches Sampler pattern is available on the ANG website complimentary.

What’s up next? Just wait and see!

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