We’re getting into a bright, bold and cheery Holiday mood with this Christmas embroidery floss.  

If you have been following my blog for some time, you’ll notice that I feature a variety of different stitch samples created by my stitch group.  Many of these designs are elements from existing patterns.  The intention is to demonstrate you do not necessarily have to always follow a complete design.

Today’s cross-stitch sample is one element from Ink Circles’ Baroque pattern.  It’s clear that the ornate details draw from this iconic and timeless 17th-century style.

The design itself may not be abundant in signature Christmas imagery (no hollies or Santa Claus hats here!). Instead a beautiful Christmas-inspired colour palette was chosen to give a subtle nod to the holidays.

What Colour of Christmas Embroidery Floss Was Used?

Johanna stitched this ornate pattern on 28 count linen and it measures approximately 3 inches.  She used  Colour Complements’ Colour #187, 2 strands of embroidery floss.  She managed to achieve beautiful depth in detail with this colour.

Colour #187 is a gorgeous blend of variations of reds and pairs beautifully with Colour #184, which is an equally stunning blend of greens. Add a metallic colour of your choice and the ideas are endless when it comes to holiday-inspired projects! 

Red might be a challenging colour to use as too much of it can really distract the eyes. However, when it comes to using this during the holiday season, you can’t go wrong! 

Thank you to Johanna for stitching this lovely cross-stitch!  

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