The bold temari ball design featured today is an absolute showstopper – Empress! You could say that I’m certainly impressed with Empress (I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist!).

I’ve always admired those brave enough to do needlepoint on a black canvas despite having yet to try stitching on black myself. I also see how much of a challenge it can be and a great way to improve different stitching techniques! It is a bit tricky to “see” the stitches but I understand there are various techniques to ensure success. 

Perhaps stitching on black is in my future…..

One of my requests of Verna with this last group of Temari Balls was to create several designs on black backgrounds. Since many of Colour Complements colours are quite bold, I’ve always felt they really stand out against black. 

Looking At This Bold Temari Ball In Greater Detail

Empress is designed by Barbara Seuss, as are most of the Temari Balls that Verna creates. Colour Complements Colours #32 and #33 were used accented with solid black and gold metallic.  After looking at the final outcome of the Empress, it’s incredible to see how much these colours pop against the black canvas.

If have been following my work for some time, I have used these two colour combinations in previous projects along with Colour #30 in my version of Ariadne several years ago.

After seeing these colours together again, I’m inspired to try them for a new project.  Creating a beautiful Temari Ball AND inspiring me with your work? OK Verna, I’m “empressed”!

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