Why a spring temari?

Always fun to share one of Verna’s beautiful temari balls.  I called this a spring temari because Verna has used two of the colours I introduced in my spring collection several years ago. 

Verna and I met one another through a blog I followed several years ago.  We are both Canadians although Verna lives on the east coast and I’m on the west coast so quite a distance.  She has been doing temari now for a number of years and I believe she is past 200 balls!  Quite an achievement wouldn’t you agree?

Are you familiar with Temari balls?

Just in case you are not, Temari balls are Japanese thread balls meaning “hand ball” in Japanese.  They are a folk art form that originated in China and later were introduced to Japan.  Historically they were made of remnants of old kimonos wadded to form a ball, created as children’s toys.  Today most are styrofoam wrapped with a base of thread.  Designs are embroidered to the core base often in geometric patterns.

If you have any interest in Temari, you may like to visit Barbara Seuss’ website.  This particular pattern is called “Mitsubishi” designed by Barbara although Verna used Mary Wood’s instructions.  Mary has written a number of books on the subject.

The background of the ball is wrapped in a rich purple base accented with a metallic.  The pattern uses size 8 perle cotton in two spring colours with links below.  Verna used a third aqua colour to accent. 

What can I say!  My temari ball collection is growing!! More coming soon.

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