While this Barbara Seuss-inspired Temari Ball is called Blue Arrows, the colour scheme shows orange arrows instead so perhaps I should have titled the post, orange arrows. While the photograph displays the colours well, I personally feel they are absolutely brilliant “in person”. In truth, many of these designs featured on the blog really look better “in person“! 

When I sent threads to Verna for this batch of Temari Balls, I selected pairs of colours. I never know what background Verna will choose or additional thread choices she may add as I leave this up to her. After all she is the expert!

How Verna Achieved This Barbara Seuss-inspired Temari Ball

I will start by saying I adore this colour combination!  The aquamarine background thread is gorgeous and I feel it really highlights these colours. In fact, I like it so much I think I may have to use this palette for a new design perhaps on some aquamarine or turquoise canvas.

Oh the possibilities!

As I mentioned above, the pattern is by Barbara Seuss called Blue Arrows. The colours used are Colour #36, which is a warm blend of red and orange, and #189, both of which are available in the shop.  Colour #189 features a blend of a variety of different colours and is my “Halloween” blend – a best-seller in the shop! Thank you Verna again for your creativity.

Many of the Temari balls we featured as of late have sparked my creativity.  I think I may need to start playing with some “different” colours for future projects.  Does this colour combination inspire YOU?

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