When I sent threads to my stitch group earlier in the year I included some bits of ric rac trim to see how they would use this in needlepoint (and specifically the hearts). 

It took me quite some time to source this particularly ric rac.  When I was in San Bernardino a number of years ago, I had the pleasure of spending several days with Anne Davies.  Anne specializes in silk ribbon embroidery and I wanted some expert tutoring at the time. 

Anne had some narrow rayon ric rac which she used to demonstrate how to create a ric rac rose to add to my crazy quilting.  I’d not seen it previously so I started researching on my return home.  While I have not created many roses, I do use the ric rac in various seam treatments in my CQ.

My ric rac is rayon therefore it absorbs the dyes beautifully with a slight sheen.  It is also narrow versus the wider cotton ric rac found in quilting shops.  It is a great addition for any of you wool applique enthusiasts for Sue Spargo or Wendy Williams projects.  I sell it in meter lengths (a meter is slightly longer than a yard) so customers can purchase as little or as much as they choose.  I also offer a ric rac sampler HERE.

How Was Ric Rac Trim Added To This Needlepoint Heart

Anyway, getting back to the heart above.  Not only was ric rac trim used, the zig-zag design that is unique to ric rac echoes in the stitching. If you look even closer the heart design has been repeated – there’s even a heart IN a heart! 

There was no pattern used for this beautiful design, it was just the use of creativity and imagination!

Just a note that Anne has several published patterns found on the Inspirations website.  Here is her beehive but simply type in her name in the search box and you’ll find a few more.

Thanks again Anne for the two most enjoyable days in your lovely home and thank you to Dominique for your creativity with this heart.     

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