Our Temari this month features a unique example of monochromatic colour combinations. You may not immediately choose these colours for a project, but after reading this post, I hope you see how well these colours work.

When I create needlework palettes, I always like to place colours next to one another on a white background. Doing this helps me visualize what a completed project may look like. Naturally, I change colours a lot when initially creating the palette. This also happens, even when I start stitching! What I begin with may look quite different when complete.

Stitch choices make a difference! These two colours hang next to one another in my shop, so it seemed a natural choice to experiment with.

How To Create Monochromatic Colour Combinations

Our palette today includes two monochromatic blends meaning different values of the same colour families. Colour #65 is a blend of teals, and Colour #66 is a blend of variations of orange.

Verna chose these colours to create a more complicated pattern using a combination 8 division. The design is “Heaven’s River” by Barbara Seuss. The background is black metallic, and there is a wee bit of silver metallic if you look closely!

For those unfamiliar with temari needlework, 8 division is a fundamental way to divide and mark a Temari ball for embroidery. Each ball has a north and south pole and equator. This is created by dividing the equator into eight sections using the two colours mentioned above:

While Temari may not interest you, we hope to demonstrate colours you may like to use when creating your palette. Thank you, Verna.

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