With a title like “square dance”, I have no doubt you are wondering what square dance has to do with needlework! Well, this is the name of this temari design. I can appreciate the movement within the design so aptly name.

Always fun to share one of Verna’s beautiful temari balls.  One of my requests was to have several black temari balls as in my opinion black provides a beautiful backdrop that allows the patterns to pop!  Do you agree?

The black has a shot of metallic which will reflect the lights of a Christmas tree beautifully.  Verna used colours 54 and 55 in a size 8 perle cotton.   Colour 54 has since been discontinued but I feel a good substitute would be colour 51 (lavender/red violet) combined with 55 as shown which is a blend of greens.  It is finished with green beads. 

Temari balls are Japanese thread balls meaning “hand ball” in Japanese.  They are a folk art form that originated in China and later were introduced to Japan.  Historically they were made of remnants of old kimonos wadded to form a ball, created as children’s toys.  Today most are styrofoam wrapped with a base of thread.  Designs are embroidered to the core base often in geometric patterns.

Square Dance is designed by Barbara Seuss.  Check out her website, it is worth the visit!

Until next time and another temari.

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