Can you see why this particular Temari ball pattern is called Spindles? Today, we’re taking a closer look at another one of Verna’s beautiful Temari balls. 

I rarely photograph against a black backdrop but felt this particular design and colour palette was showcased beautifully using the darker background. I did shoot the initial photo using a cream background but felt the design needed the contrast of black allowing the pattern of this Temari ball “pop”.

Aside from the colour combination, I think there’s an Asian-inspired theme happening with this particular pattern as well!

As many of you likely know red is a popular colour in Chinese culture, symbolizing luck, joy and happiness.  It also represents celebration, vitality and fertility in colour symbolism.  Red is the traditional colour worn by Chinese brides, as it is believed to ward off evil. Bold, vibrant and packs a punch – the usage of red was a big winner with this Temari ball pattern.

Details About this Temari Ball Pattern

So let’s talk a bit about RED.  The colour of fire!  I feature a combination of red/orange in my collection, Colour #187.  I love this colour combination – it is bold and vibrant!     

Verna chose this colour and has combined it with a fall blend, Colour #188. This was introduced a number of years ago and remains popular today. This colour is a fall blend of yellow, blue, green and red.

I have posted a number of projects showcasing it, which you can view when searching on my website.

The final colour used in the design is of course black, which I believe is the perfect colour to contrast with the chosen colourful palette.     

There is no particular designer for this pattern but naturally you can check out the Japanese Temari website for more ideas.

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