It has taken far longer than I anticipated but my colourful cotton Floche is back in stock.  Twelve glorious colours for those of you who love Floche!

I will mention that each dye lot is somewhat different as this is such a fine thread.  So, the colours will be slightly different than the dye lots from last year.  You will see this especially with Colour #6 (a pale yellow blend) and Colour #7 (reds).  Colour #12 is lime green but the variations in this batch are so slight that it may “read” as a solid depending on the light so I’ve reduced the price on this one!  Next time I will aim for more variegation. 

There are also some floche samplers.  One is a selection of 5-meter skeins and the second are 10-meter skeins.  These are popular so don’t miss out as there are a limited supply at this time.


What is this Colourful Floche?

Floche is a non-divisible cotton thread so you would stitch with it as it comes off the skein.  It is comprised of softly twisted “strands” of fine mercerized cotton therefore it has a soft sheen.  While it is comparable in size to either one or two strands of floss, it is not to be confused with floss – they are different!

Because of the soft twist, the thread has a nice spread when stitching.  This means it covers well and remains smooth. It is ideal for fine embroidery techniques.

Floche works well for cross-stitch, on 18-28 count fabrics. I love to use it for open work on 18- count canvas. It is also especially beautiful for satin stitching, specifically thread painting.  You might like to try it for long and short stitches and stem stitches too!

Offered in 25 meters/27.34-yard skeins. There are twelve colour combinations currently available in the shop. 

I’d love to know what kinds of colourful floche you’d like me to create next. Comments and suggestions for new colour combinations are welcome! Feel free to email me at info@colourcomplements.com with your suggestions.

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