Have you seen “Courtly Checks” on the front cover of Needlepoint Now? Did you know they were stitched with Colour Complements threads!

Courtly Checks are a series of 3 ornaments designed by the talented Kam Wenzloff featured in the July/August issue of Needlepoint Now.  I know many of you will be familiar with Kam’s painted canvases and of course, she designed my What a Hoot series of owls. Early on in our discussions when planning the What a Hoot series, Kam sent me a photo of a larger pattern she had designed with Colour Complements threads.

The design featured black and white checks – we both LOVE black and white in designs. Naturally, a rather length discussion followed and the Courtly Checks collection evolved.      

Introducing Plum Sparkle, Wintergreen and Merry & Bright – 3 New Ornament Designs!

Kam feels black enhances the vibrancy of colours and I must admit, I agree.  While I often think of Halloween with black and white, Kam wanted to demonstrate how switching colours can change the mood of a project.

Kam writes,

Plum Sparkle was the first ornament I designed. The plum, red and green exudes different feelings – from excitement to passion. The black and white checks added interest, which led me to think about other colors that I might create for more zeal and enthusiasm. Wintergreen and Merry & Bright followed. 

If I’m making a series of designs, it’s always in odd numbers, so three ornaments seemed perfect. With a variety of different stitches added to the design, it makes stitching so rewarding. Enjoy!

Want to stitch Courtly Checks?


I’ve created a custom thread kit so you can stitch all THREE ornaments. The kit includes 7 skeins of glorious colours and one skein each of black and white. You can find the kit by clicking on the link below.

Kam and I were excited to see these delightful ornaments on the cover of Needlepoint Now.  Make sure you pick up a copy – you won’t be disappointed.  We hope you enjoy Courtly Checks.   Thanks so much, Kam and thank you Needlepoint Now for publishing these lovelies! 

I think I’ll have to get Kam working on some more projects with Colour Complements threads – don’t you?

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