Autumn Kaleidoscope is a gorgeous pattern designed by Canadian designer, Lorene Salt.  I stitched my own colour version of this design back in 2018.  I should have named in Summer Kaleidoscope as it is definitely a bold palette of lime green and turquoise.  To date, it is my favourite project.  I wrote about this in my blog post HERE

I am a member of several Facebook groups and have seen it stitched now a number of times since.

It is often stitched using the original colour palette of purple, orange and golden brown.  I must admit, I love choosing my own colour palette for a design but am aware that not everyone does.  So, Sue has kindly shared her colour palette.

She recently sent me the photo above of her version of Autumn Kaleidoscope.  She has used some of Colour Complements Colour #188 throughout the design.  This colour was introduced several years ago with my fall collection.  It is a combination of blue, green, yellow and red and remains one of my best sellers.  I love how the colours blend. 

Many of my colours are great as “focus” or ‘feature” threads in a project.  When I select my colour palettes, I like to choose one or two of my Colour Complements colours then coordinate with solids and specialty threads.  I am looking forward to sharing this process in a new series on my blog soon.  I might even attempt some videos – yikes!.  Choosing threads and colours is FUN.

So, I think it turned out beautifully.  What do you think?  

Thank you for sharing Sue.  I LOVE IT.

If you are interested in trying Autumn Kaleidoscope yourself, you will find the pattern available on Lorene’s website HERE or ask your local needlework shop to order it for you.  Lorene also designed a new Spring Kaleidoscope so you might like to check this out during your visit.  I am looking forward to choosing a colour palette for this one as it is in my stash.   

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