Welcome to my Eye for Colour video series.  My goal with the series is to provide customers with a similar experience to selecting a colour palette and thread choices as you would do in a shop.

Today, I am featuring Colour #69 – a purple colour stitch sample. This colour is one of four colours introduced in my Fall 2020 collection.  It is a stunning and bold blend of purples and red violets.

So, let’s create a palette with this purple colour stitch sample

I have opted for a very bold and striking palette today.  I added Colour #67 which is a bold blend of yellows, also from my fall collection.  Then I added DMC solids in red violets 554, 718 and 915.  I wanted to add some purples to the palette but could not find what I felt was a good match in size 5 Perle.  There could possibly be a good match in floss as DMC produces more floss colours than size 5.  Then I added various yellows – 726, 744, 745, 727, 743 – which are also a part of the DMC collection.  

Once again I added some Rainbow Gallery products:

  • Neon Rays 5, 78
  • Petite Sparkle Rays 302
  • Glisten 8, 12

As I said, it is BOLD! In the video, I showed a needlepoint sample I had posted previously on my blog.  You can find the post HERE.

Another Eye for Colour next month!

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