A few months ago, I received this beautiful wisteria embroidery design by one of my customers. 

Wisterias are such show-stopping plants, known for their beautiful, soft cascading floral blooms. While they look stunning on their own, I sometimes see them beautifully draped on buildings and patios. If you’ve ever come across Wisterias, it’s an absolute delight – the blooms are so magical and lush. It’s as if you’ve walked straight into a fairytale!

How Susan Achieved This Wisteria Design

Susan has a talent for original designs and she created this stunning floral wisteria design.  If you are new to stitching, the design was created using different embroidery techniques.  Let’s start with the beautiful vines and foliage!

Susan achieved the dimensional effect of the leaves using Colour #63 in size 8 Perle cotton. Colour #63 has since been discontinued in my shop, but you can easily swap it out with other green-inspired shades like Colour #55 or Colour #71.

The tatted flowers and French Knot buds were achieved using Colour #64 in size 12 Perle cotton. I love how Susan was able to simply use ONE product to create the look of different coloured blooms. This is handy in embroidery, especially when making French Knot buds. 

The colour palette for this design blended beautifully! I love the look of the soft greens and how it complements the pastel shades of the flowers.

Susan stitched this piece on a 5” x 6.25” background. The colour of this fabric is actually a soft, mint green. This was an excellent choice as it still works as a neutral background while also giving the green shades a bit of “pop.”

A stunning, spring/summer inspired design made with care and creativity. Thank you Susan!

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