Today I thought it would be fun to talk a wee bit about linen – more specifically, the art of cross-stitch on linen.

If you cross-stitch, you know that various fabrics are available for your stitching, the most common Aida, linen, and even weave. I won’t get into a complete discussion of each as I don’t cross stitch myself.

But, let’s talk about The Benefits of Cross-stitch on Linen!

Experienced stitchers often choose linen as their “canvas” because of the soft “hand” or feel of the fabric. The different range and availability of higher thread counts are also enormous benefits. Most linen materials are available in a range of thread counts, the most common being 28 and 32-count. The thread count can go as high as 40-count or beyond!

The versatility doesn’t just stop at the thread count! Linen also lends itself to offer an endless array of colours. These also include glorious and beautiful hand-dyes. Because of its flexible nature, stitchers have the option of working with or without a hoop.

Here’s what it Looks Like

The samples shown above are stitched on different counts of white linen.  

Two strands of floss were used on 28-count linen in the sample on the left.  The example on the right is stitched with one strand of floss on 32-count linen. Despite using the same colour of thread, it is interesting to see the differences in appearance! 

Do you have a preference?

Both samples were stitched with Colour #30, a blend of yellow, pink and golden yellow and both use less than 3 meters of floss.  The examples are from the pattern Baroque by Ink Circles

Perhaps you want to give linen a try if you have not already done so for your next cross-stitch project.

Thank you, Johanna and Dominique, for the lovely samples.

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