Another “bloom” today in Kathleen’s wool applique project.  The pattern is by Australian designer Wendy Williams called “Baby Blooms Cushion” measuring 20 inches square.  Kathleen has used a grey and white polka dot cotton fabric as her background and will use this as a wall hanging when complete.  Check with your local quilt shop as they should be able to order the pattern for you. Kathleen opted for a lavender wool background in this flower embellishing with a buttonhole stitch.

The center yellow wool circle is bordered using picot stitches and the center is gather of the viscose tubular ribbon I used to sell.  Every once and awhile I bring this back in stock so might want to pick some up the next time.  It is a different fiber which creates some lovely results when gathered or “ruched”.  You will note Kathleen opted for a zig zag along the stem versus the double chain she has used previously. 

I hope this is giving you some great wool applique ideas.  If you have yet to visit Wendy Williams website, make sure you do! Stay tuned for another “bloom” in the bouquet.  Thank you Kathleen.

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