Crazy quilt patterns are primarily used in quilting (as the name suggests, of course!). But one of the best things about needlework crafts is that similar techniques can be applied to create stunning projects!

Dominique has been experimenting and has come up with this particular version of crazy quilting. I became interested in crazy quilting initially because I found it incorporated so many different embroidery techniques and embellishments.

I also believe that every piece of material has its place in a project. This is an excellent example of using up various left-over materials or embellishments in your stash. 

Crazy Quilt Patterns Used In This Project

You don’t even have to look closely to see all the beautiful details that went into this creation. You will see some silk ribbon embroidery, sequins, beads, shells, and bits of crocheted doilies. These are everything you would see in crazy quilting!

The design is randomly stitched on cream coloured linen. 

The silk ribbon areas were designed first.  Silk ribbon was stitched as a background. Ribbon roses were added, and these were then surrounded by French knots using various threads and colours. Parts of a crocheted doily were added to other areas of the heart, as were small applique flowers. Curved areas of stitches and a grid pattern with the addition of sequins. The final touch, of course – beads! 

If you have any of Grandma’s doilies left in your stash, I think it would make the perfect finish to an already stunning piece!

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