BLOOMIN BEAUTIES, wool applique

BLOOMIN BEAUTIES Block #15!  I have mentioned previously that this is Kathleen’s wool applique version of Bloomin Beauties pattern by Kim Schaefer.  You can find this in Kim’s Flower Festival book.  She has used a heavy black flannel for her background.  Kathleen has used Colour Complements threads.

A lovely sunflower today.  The leaves are bordered with a backstitch and once again Kathleen has opted to add veins using a shape further embellishing this with French knots.

I LOVE the use of solid and patterned dyed wool for the sunflower.  The petals are bordered with stem stitch.  The inner petal is bordered with loopy bullions.

I remember one day when I went into stitch group I had come across an online example using drapery rings and washers to add to embroidery projects.  As is often the situation, Kathleen sits and listens and YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT SHE WILL TURN UP WITH NEXT STITCH DAY!  She had gone home and sorted through her stash for some small plastic rings and added these to the center of her sunflower – FABULOUS!  She used buttonhole stitch for these in a perle cotton.  Way to go girl!

Remember, you can find various threads and colours for your Bloomin Beauties project or any wool applique project in the shop at Colour Complements.

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