I have always been fond of bargello designs – have you?  While I am not so partial to an overall design, I do like seeing sections or perhaps segments of bargello within a design.  I’m sure you have seen a number of patterns from various current designers demonstrating this.

Dominique started this design with the center band of bargello.  She then simply stitched both sides with a really simple gobelin stitch to create boxes.    

She used a number of colours of solids she had in her stash and Colour Complements colours

Once again, a great opportunity to use up leftover “bits” from previous projects.  AND, I know you all have bits!

I hope you are not getting tired of hearts yet because I have A LOT more coming.  Remember if you didn’t want to stitch a heart, you could take elements of this design such as the gobelin boxes and create perhaps a square ornament.  OR, what about a section of bargello then add to it.    

Ideas are endless, start stitching….

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