My needlepoint now heart is a heart pattern available in the January/February 2019 issue of Needlepoint Now hence the name. If you check under Hearts for Hospice in categories you should see other posts featuring this design.

Dominique has stitched this heart using my floche in Colour #1 and Colour #51 in floss and various other threads. It is stitched on a yellow canvas which I think looks great. If you are not familiar with floche, it is a very fine non-divisible cotton thread with a beautiful soft sheen.    

I particularly like this design as it focuses on various bands.  The bands provide opportunities to vary the pattern.  For example, the center section width has been adjusted and Dominique has added several additional bands varying the width while retaining the outer wider bands.  Another great example using left over threads from your stash. 

This is a great pattern if you are stitching a heart. Remember completed hearts may be sent to the Greater Kansas City Needlepoint Guild who will provide finishing and donate locally.  Otherwise you may donate the hearts to the hospice of your choice. 

Or perhaps you want to stitch one for a friend or perhaps for yourself!

I am taking a long weekend so no post this coming Friday but back again on Monday!

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