To be honest when I think of lavender, I always think of the plant versus the colour.  Remember those lavender sachets we put in our drawers.  I know I’m dating myself here but I have no doubt some of you remember them.  I recall making little sachets one year, stuffing them with lavender and giving as Christmas gifts.

For those of you who do cross stitch, you will likely be familiar with several magazines published in the UK.  I’ve seen these on some bookstore shelves here in Canada.  The World of Cross Stitch and Cross Stitch Crazy to name a couple.  They are published by Immediate Media.

The lavender cross stitch above was a freebie offered with the newsletter I receive at one point.  The design measures about 2 ½ inches.  The design is by Susan Bates and the pattern is HERE

The fabric is 28 count linen and one strand of Colour #69 floss has been used.  This is a gorgeous blend red violets and purple.  Dominique has also used Colour #51 floss which is a lighter value red violet/purple blend.  Once again, this will be used as a card insert. 

BUT, I could certainly see making a sachet and stuffing it with lavender! Visit the SHOP to view more colours! 

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