Previously, we’ve featured several cross-stitch samples from the pattern Garden Stars by Ink Circles.

Our post today features another of these designs using a stunning orange blend cotton floss, Colour #66. 

As you can see, it’s incredible just how different the design can look just by changing the colours of the floss.  This sample is bold, bright and resembles more of a sunburst rather than a flower! The colour variation of the orange creates endless dimension with each detail of the pattern.     

Before we dive into the details around this design, I wanted to emphasize how versatile the use of orange can be.  The bold shade offers a bright contrast to any needlework project beyond cross-stitch. I personally love using this colour in other embroidery projects, especially my crazy quilting!

While its bright nature is fitting for any Spring or Summer themed project, it’s also perfect for Autumn and Halloween.

Here is how Dominique achieved this design using Orange Blend Cotton Floss

This design was stitched on a 4-inch piece of 32-count linen.  This was a perfect size as it was large enough that you could see the beautifully intricate details. Dominique used Colour Complements’ Colour #66 to achieve this bold beauty.  She only used one strand of floss (approximately two meters of it), which shows you just how colourful and bold this shade of orange is!   

This is proof that with orange, less is more! This colour gets me in a seasonal mood.  Why not celebrate Halloween with some stitching!

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