Today I’d like to share two cross-stitch samples stitched in one of my fall colour combinations, Colour #58. It is a beautiful blend of purple, golden brown and blue/grey.

I’ve always found it interesting to see the appearance when different background colours are chosen which is demonstrated in these samples.

Both samples are parts of the Ink Circles Garden Stars pattern available for purchase online.

How These Fall Colour Combinations Look On Different Backgrounds

In the first sample above 32-count pink linen was used stitched with one strand of floss. There’s a subtle difference in colour when you use a completely different colour. In the case of the pattern stitched on pink linen, the colours appear more muted, subtle and blend seamlessly with each other.

In contrast, the second sample below was stitched on an ivory 36-count linen, again using one strand of floss. It’s clear how different this pattern looks when the background is lighter! The colours definitely have more POP to them. Both samples measure about 2 ½ inches square.


Which one do you like best? In this situation, I think I like the ivory background better as the colours in the thread stand out more – what do you think?

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