Today’s blog post is a special one! I wanted to highlight just how versatile colour palettes can be, specifically one including purple when using them in different needlework designs. Both cross-stitch designs can be found in the Baroque pattern by Ink Circles.  Despite using the same colour, both designs demonstrate differences in appearance. 

Stitch Sample 1: A Beautiful Baroque Design

Baroque is an elegant, ornate style drawn from 17th century Europe. While you may see this term being used more for paintings, it’s an interchangeable word that can also apply to other art forms, including architecture, music, dance, sculpture, and decorative arts. In the case of this particular pattern, it’s clear where the “Baroque” elements can be found.

The intricate details create such perfect symmetry. I can only assume that this took a precise eye to design!

This is How We Created This Baroque Cross-Stitch

Johanna stitched this motif on 28-count linen and it measures approximately 3 ½ inches.  With a design as regal as this one, it was only fitting to use Colour #45 as the primary colour palette. Colour #45 is a beautiful blend of gem-like colours. Think purple, turquoise and jade greens. This colour selection reminds me of the vibrant and luminous colours you see on a peacock feather, which was my inspiration!

 We wanted to highlight the depth of the colour, which is why Johanna used two strands of floss to stitch this design.  It was a great decision as it highlights all of the beautiful shades while also ensuring that no detail was missed in the Baroque design.


Stitch Sample 2: Garden Stars Using Colour #45

Ink Circles again inspired the second Stitch Sample on our blog post. This time, the design Garden Stars was used as the pattern inspiration. You may have seen this design used in various other Stitch Sample Designs that we’ve featured on our blog.

You’ll notice that compared to the first stitch sample, the one shown here incorporates more white space. The design still possesses beautiful, intricate details!

How We Stitch The Design for Stitch Sample #2

This second cross-stitch sample was stitched on 28-count linen and measures 2 ¾ inches.  Again Colour #45 was used from the Colour Complements collection.  The sample offers stunning and intricate details highlighted by the blend of purple, aqua and greens.   

This post illustrates that you don’t necessarily need endless floss or colours to create something beautiful, one colour will work!  Go ahead and have fun!

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