I know many of you are wool applique enthusiasts and likely follow Sue Spargo on Instagram.  She recently posted a Toned Down Circle Sampler.  The study began at the end of March lasting for 90 days.  Each day a photo of a stitch, stitch diagram and threads used were posted.  I’ve also seen it referred to as the 90/90 circle sampler.  The project was described as “a monochromatic study with a modern pop to explore the application of embroidery to achieve textural depth and dimension”. 

Well, I happen to be a member of a couple of wool applique groups on Facebook, one of which focuses on Sue’s projects.  I began to see a lot of photos popping up, all little embellished 1 inch circles!  Such a delight. 

About a month ago, I had an email from one of my customers, Mary sharing the photo above.  This is a

variation of a bird that Sue had provided for one of the circles.  Evidently another one of my customers, Laura designed this version of the bird and Mary stitched the sample above.     

So, a little about the bird.

The body is a 1 inch circle and the head is a 9/16” circle.  The body and head are trellis stitch, the tail is closed fly stitch and the bottom wing is a 5 spoke woven picot.  The top wing and beak are 3 spoke woven picots and there is couching around the neck with beads for the eyes.  The wings and tail are stitched with Colour #28 and the head and body with Colour #175.

Don’t you think this turned out beautifully?  I do! 

If you were following this project, a version of this bird was presented as number 90 with the caption “today marks the day where you have certainly earned your wings”! 

Well, I think Mary and Laura earned their wings. 

Absolutely delightful.  Thank you both so much for sharing.  Just a note that my threads work very well in any of Sue Spargo’s wool applique projects.  Might want to check out my SHOP for colours!

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